We grow well. Together

Protection sounds different in foreign languages.We understand them all

What gives Avgust its competitive edge and makes it stand out among other successful modern companies?

From our very first days on the market, we have always relied only on innovative solutions and the most advanced technologies.
We take sincere pride in the fact that our proprietary research center helps us maintain one of the industry’s top portfolios. We strive for our products not only to match the leading solutions on the market, but to have improved characteristics that increase their effectiveness.

We are proud of the unfailingly high quality of all Avgust products manufactured at our proprietary plant facilities

We offer our clients so much more than just a basic selection of solutions. In fact, what distinguishes us most is our commitment to developing innovative solutions, from unique combinations of active ingredients to newly created formulations.

These efforts are crucial in helping our clients increase the profitability of their agricultural production. Indeed, we became an authority and built our reputation as a strong partner thanks to our capacity to reliably supply products of the highest quality. The confidence we have that clients can fully trust the Avgust name raises us to a leading market position and sets us apart from the competition. Our forward-looking mindset and commitment to consistently producing the best results help us always stay one step ahead in the field.

We grow well. Together