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Research Center

Avgust has its own research center where company specialists identify the most effective active ingredients and their combinations to develop the best new original product formulations.

Researchers at the Center also conduct applied research with a focus on increased product efficiency using exterior and interior adjuvants, which decrease the volumes of active substances and reduces strain on the environment.

Technical production processes for almost all internationally known product formulations are developed here on model installations that fully replicate the real processes.
Tests of the most promising combinations of active ingredients and formulations are carried out in the artificial climate laboratory, enabling a more objective estimate of both the biological and economic effectiveness, and further development of the most practical application methods.

In product development, Avgust specialists adhere to trends in the global practice of crop protection, with an emphasis on the release of more environmentally friendly product formulations that are safer for consumers and the environment. In addition to product testing in the research center and factory laboratories, our specialists also pursue their own large-scale field trials, which form the future basis for the creation of new products and development of comprehensive crop spray programs.

Avgust specialists benefit from a variety of research opportunities thanks to the Center’s staff collaborations with the leading Russian and international specialists, and institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

We rely on our own scientific achievements and innovations to offer comprehensive and professional solutions in the crop protection field, helping our partners increase the profitability of agricultural production and thus facilitating the development of farming businesses everywhere.

Avgust is a company with dynamic growth, and our products stand up strong against any leading global producers.