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A selective post-emergent herbicide for controlling annual and perennial weeds on soybean and sunflower fields

  • Elimination of almost all kinds of cereal weeds
  • No limitation on crop stages development while applying the product
  • Compatibility in tank mixtures with herbicides against dicotyledons weeds



Dose, L/ha

Conditions of application

Soybeans, sunflowers

Annual and perennial cereal weeds

0,4 - 1,2

Apply at the stage when there are 3-6 pairs of true leaves. The working solution consumption rate is 200-400 l/ha.

Active ingredient:

quizalofop-P-ethyl, 125 g/l


Emulsifiable concentrate, (EC)

Characteristic of the active ingredient:

Quizalofop-P-ethyl belongs to the chemical class of 2-(4-aryloxyphenoxy) propionic acid derivatives.

Mechanism of action of the product:

The product has systemic action. MIURA is absorbed by leaves and other above-ground parts of weeds, transferring to the growing points of shoots and roots. The formulation disturbs the biosynthesis of lipids which makes weeds die.

MIURA only kills weeds which appear during treatment. The formulation does not penetrate into the soil and has no effect on weeds which appear after treatment.

Rapidity of action:

The first symptoms of weed suppression occur 7 - 10 days after treatment in the form of a yellowing of the shoot apexes. Complete destruction occurs 1-3 weeks after the treatment depending on the types of weeds and weather conditions.

Protection period:

Protection lasts until the end of the vegetation period (if the technology of crop cultivation is provided). The product’s efficiency may be reduced if precipitation occurs up to two hours after treatment.

Significant characteristics of the product:

The best results are obtained by spraying actively growing weeds.

It’s important that weeds have enough leaves for rapid absorption of the active ingredient. It is not recommended to use the herbicide on crops under stress conditions (as a result of frost, wind, insect damage, bad plant nutrition, or previously used herbicides)

Restrictions on use:

Miura is not phytotoxic for dicotyledons crops if rules of application are observed.